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Meredith Gaunce, Author

Author Meredith Gaunce

Although she grew up in Savannah (hence her first publication: Traveling Savannah: A Girls’ Guide), Meredith moved to St. Pete in 2010 and will likely never leave. A lawyer by day, jewelry-maker by night, and a mom and wife all the time, Meredith loves traveling St. Pete and taking advantage of all her home city has to offer. She loves animals and lives with her husband Andy, son Noah, and dogs Rudy and Penny (both 12ish). She treasures her girlfriends (I am looking at you, Erin and Mel!) and hopes this book inspires more girls’ trips, spa days, happy hours and brunches.

Author Melanie Bowman

Author Melanie Bowman

Melanie considers herself a native Floridian (with St. Louis roots), having lived in Tampa Bay for over three decades. As a licensed clinical social worker and public health professional, Melanie is able to feel just as comfortable volunteering at her daughter’s preschool as she does providing therapy to seniors in a nursing home. When she’s not nerding out on all things books, you may find her cooking, hosting a dinner party for friends and family, bike riding, traveling, volunteering, or traveling St. Pete. Her favorite thing to do is the simplest and most important, spending time with her husband Jonathan and their two daughters Julia and Leah.

Erin Salzer Hanna Illustrator

Artist Erin Salzer Hanna

Erin Salzer Hanna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She currently practices in the fields of landscape design, graphic design, and illustration. She lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Jesse, sons Henry and Charlie and 2 crazy cats.

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